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Watsontown to Milton State Park

This is an easy approximate 4.5 mile stretch with a couple of options for your put-in at Watsontown. You can use the Watsontown Borough access just below the beautiful White Deer bridge, which is a hand carry to the river with plenty of parking and flush toilet restrooms at the lower end of the borough park. The other choice is about 500 yards or so downriver. This access is a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) Access with a ramp, however, the restroom is a porta-potty and parking is somewhat limited. Both access locations are close to town with the borough access being right downtown. The entire trip is a gentle flow except you will feel an increase in the speed of the river at the two large Islands at the end of the float which is actually Milton State Park. To get to the take-out, go between the two islands. The take-out will be on your right under the Mahoning Street bridge. It is a paved ramp take-out leading to a grassy area and ample gravel parking lot in the park.

There are no discernible hazards during this gentle float. A suggestion is as you get towards the end of the float go between the two islands of Milton State Park. This will give you the most direct way to the take-out which will be on your right on the left side of the second island under the bridge. If you stay river right past both islands you will need to paddle upstream against the current to get back to the state park take-out. This is not insurmountable at a low flow level but could be difficult at higher flow levels. For the most direct route, float between the Islands to the take-out point. This route also provides great opportunity for bird and wildlife viewing.

Possible hazards: At lower water levels after the Route I-80 bridge adjacent to Fort Boone Campground (Private) and the mouth of Muddy Run tributary, the water can get shallow. Look for deeper flows for a scrape free route through the riffles. After the campground the river becomes deeper again for easy floating.

Emergency Info:

Evangelical Community Hospital
1 Hospital Drive
Lewisburg, PA
(570) 522-2000

Image Credit: Virgil Chambers

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