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PFBC Pine Access to Jersey Shore Borough Access

This is an excellent beginner-level paddle trip although it would be enjoyed by all who journey it for a number of reasons: relatively short shuttle time and distance; easy put-in and take-out ramps: appropriate parking at both locations; comparatively short trip (2 to 3 hours) with a couple of interesting way-points; flat-water with a helpful current to move you down the river, only a few riffles at the mouth of Pine Creek. A delightful section of the West Branch with high opportunity to see Bald Eagles and various water birds along most of the trip, especially at the mouth of Pine Creek. Make sure you bring your binoculars if you want to get a good look at the variety of soaring birds and waterfowl.

This is a quiet section, although there may be an occasional train that will quickly pass on river right as the rail road track parallels most of this section. There are several deep spots ideal for fishing. There are no apparent hazards in this strech of river.

*You will need a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission registration or launch permit on all craft using the PFBC Pine Access.

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Image Credit: Virgil Chambers