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Muncy to Montgomery

This is a scenic 5-mile paddle that requires about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. The Muncy Boat access is currently closed, so use the walk-in access at the Muncy Heritage Park and Nature Trail. Walk boats down the 150 foot constructed path to access the water. At the launch, stay to the left-middle while passing under the Last Raft Memorial Bridge (Lycoming Valley Railroad Bridge), and then to the right of the small island to avoid fishermen on the left bank. Continue along the left-hand side of the river to avoid the large number of docked boats to the right. There will still be boats on the left, but far fewer. Staying to the left also provides an opportunity to observe the man-made rock walls along the bend of the mountainside. As you approach bigger islands (mile 24), either stay to the middle to paddle between the islands and through eddies, or stay to the right and have slightly deeper water. The left side of the islands' accessibility is dependent upon the water level. Regardless, immediately after passing the islands, get to the right-hand side. The take-out is just after the row of campers and about 300 feet before the Route 405 bridge.

Water Safety

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Image Credit: John Zangari-Ryan