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Lunch on an Island

Start your day on the river, paddle downstream and stop at Milton State Park, an island in the river, just in time for lunch.

As you leave the borough of Watsontown, buildings will fade and trees and fields will come into view. The paddle is fairly straight forward with genearlly very few hazards. At mile 11.4, you will see a large island ahead of you. This is Milton State Park and aperfect place to stop for lunch! You can land at te Milton State Park boat launch on river left and rest if you desire. 

After a nice break and walk around the nature found on this river island, launch off again and travel to your final destination. Take out at Lewisburg St George Street Municipal Access on river right. 

To read more about this itinerary, visit Susquehanna Greenway.


Main image: Gerry Dincher / Flickr