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Greevy Boat Launch to Heritage Park

When you launch, be prepared to encounter other boaters. Use one of the two launch spots for boats and make sure to be conscious of others. After you launch through the mix of boaters, stay toward the left side of the river while heading downstream. Most boaters will go upriver, and though there will be some boat traffic downstream toward the three sets of islands, but it’s typically too low for boats to get through to the Muncy Cliff turn. Stay on the left at launch toward the Loyalsock Creek tributary, then bank to the right side of the river at the bend; the Montgomery Boat Launch is close and will produce boat traffic on the left side of the river.   

As you approach the first island (Racetrack Island), stay to the right for the smaller path – less likelihood of boats though shallower – or bear left for a wider passage. This is the largest island on the trip. After Racetrack island, stay right toward the cliff for better scenery.  

The next island is King Island. Passage on the left is tight quarters, whereas the right is more open. Through this section there are many rock shelves and drops that require paying attention to choosing a good line of passage. There is also a possibility of being too shallow for paddling.  

Following the drops, there is a very casual straight stretch followed by a final string of islands. Again, go left for adventure paddling, or go right for a less challenging route.  

At the end of these islands comes a hard kick to the right. There is a large shelf and vast amount of rocks here. This shelf is one of the deepest below Williamsport. Take some time to enjoy the cuts and the deep water; there are definitely large fish down in the deeps. The remainder of the trip is a casual, downstream venture. After about two miles, you will pass under the 405 bridge. At this point, stay to the right and look toward the next bridge (a railroad bridge); you’ll have a little under a mile to drift. About 100 yards before the bridge is the Muncy Heritage Park and Nature Trail. The landing spot is a shallow rocky landing, so expect some scraping as you land. The hardest part will be walking the kayak the 100 feet back to the car. 

Water Safety

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Image Credit: John Zangari-Ryan