Camp Hill to Highspire

The banks of the Susquehanna, south of Harrisburg were once lined with industry. Manufacturing, steel mills and railroad yards were visible as far as the eye could see - and their presence made the river less than inviting. Now that much of that is gone the river has been reborn as a sportsman's paradise. Paddlers can enjoy a relaxing, easy float on the now scenic Susquehanna all within minutes of the Capital Metro Area.

This trip is approximately 3 miles in length, depending on how much exploring you do. Because the Susquehanna River averages nearly 1/2 mile wide in this section it is easy to had distance, and time, without realizing it. Although this section is not readily accessible to most motor boats there is some traffic possible near the put in & take out points. Most of this traffic will be angler or waterfowl hunters running jet or other shallow draft vessels. During normal flows there are truly hazardous areas, however, this can change with increased water levels. Your biggest concern will be the fact that there are no public access sites, and almost no terrain suitable for even emergency extract, between the put in and take out points. Once you are on the water you have to either turn back to Camp Hill or continue to Highspire.

Emergyency Info:

UPMC Pinnicale Health Harrisburg
111 S. Front St
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Paddling Notes

Water Safety

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