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Paddle one of our packaged trips along the Susquehanna.
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PFBC Pine Access to Jersey Shore Borough Access

If you are looking for an easy, beginner paddle on the West Branch of the Susquehanna, this might be a great place to start.

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Crisscross Applesauce

Launch at Lapidum Boat Ramp and paddle up river to do a figure 8 around islands in the Susquehanna.

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The Flat Mouth of the Susquehanna

Paddle from Perryville Community Park up the mouth of the Susquehanna River and around Garrett Island.

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Paddle to the Capital

Paddle from a quieter area of the state into Pennsylvania's capital city in under 10 miles.

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Ferries and a Canal

Paddle past the the lock remnants of one of the best operated Pennsylvania canals and see the last river crossing ferry in existance on the Susquehanna.  

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Coal Rich Mountains

Paddle a route of the Susquehanna with a rich history in coal mining.

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Susquehanna Water Gaps

Start this paddle at the mouth of the Juanita River and follow it until a mile past mini Statue of Liberty.

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Logging History of the West Branch

Paddle along the calm waters where log rafts used to be abundantly floating downriver to thir final destination at Port Deposit, Maryland.

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Paddle in the Wake of Log Rafts

Paddle on the calm Western Branch, where log rafts used to flow. 

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Lunch on an Island

Start your day on the river, paddle downstream and stop at Milton State Park, an island in the river, just in time for lunch.

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Paddle of Broome County

Paddle through a more populated section of the Susquehanna in southern New York.

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Quiet Paddle in Central Pennsylvania

This calm, quiet stretch of river is great for beginners and those wishing to try out Stand-up paddle boarding. Leisurely paddle downstream in the last miles of the Northern Susquehanna while viewing wildlife and history along the banks.

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Off the Banks of History in the Northern Susquehanna

The banks surrounding this paddle offer history of Native Americans in the area and their interaction with the incoming French trying to escape the revolutions in Haiti and back in France.

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The Paddle of Breakneck

This short, relaxing paddle takes you from a beautiful public park to a historic river town that is also home to the North Branch Trail Manager.

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Historic Conowingo Reservoir Loop Paddle

This paddle is located between the Holtwood Dam and the Conowingo Dam in Maryland. It will take you between several of the islands in the lower Susquehanna that you can spend the say exploring!

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Marysville to West Fairview

This 6-mile run along the Middle Susquehanna may be lacking in river miles, but it makes up for it with a variety of sites and landmarks.

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Burnside to McGee Mills

From Burnside at mile 217, follow the winding waters of the West Branch Susquehanna to McGees Mill covered bridge at mile 209.

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Cherry Tree Borough to Burnside

Starting at mile 228 of the West Branch Susquehanna, downstream to Burnside at mile 217, follow the winding waters in the headwaters of the river. 

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Columbia to Lock 2

Enjoy a leisurely paddle along the beautiful waters of Lake Clarke, taking you through Lancaster and York counties.

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Great Bend

The Susquehanna River makes a great bend on its way from Cooperstown, NY to the Chesapeake Bay, dipping into Pennsylvania for the first time in Susquehanna County, thus giving this trail its name.

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Tour of the Conejohela Flats

The Conejohela Flats are a combination of low-lying islands and mud flats on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania about three miles south of Columbia and Wrightsville, located just offshore from the small settlement of Washington Boro in Lancaster County.

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